A Blueprint for Building Engagement from the Ground Up

Have you ever struggled with churn? Have you ever wished for a blueprint that would show you, step-by-step, how to drive deep engagement for your best customers?

Design for Skill-building

Well, it turns out there IS a blueprint — and we’ve made a video to show you how to design a coherent, compelling end-to-end customer experience using two key Game Thinking Tools: a 4-stage Mastery Path, and a skill-building Learning Loop.

Build the right MVP

Every complex system starts as a simple system that works — and the simplest ssystem to build is feedback loop.

In addition to sketching out your customer’s journey, we’ll show you how to use these power-tools to build a stripped-down, high-learning MVP that will bring your to life.

If you’re a product leader, startup founder, intrapreneur, designer or PM — these tools will save you months of time .


Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io

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