A PM’s path to mastery

Today, I got some good news. And some bad news. All wrapped up into one.

I found out that over 600 product managers registered for my Women in Product Game Thinking workshop. Yikes! That’s a lot of folks to engage for an interactive session. I’m taken aback by the crowd size — but THRILLED by the opportunity to educate so many people.

During this workshop, I’ll be sharing a blueprint for Product Managers who want to accelerate product/market fit and build deep engagement from the ground up. We’ll learn to use 4 inter-locking tools to super-charge product discovery and deliver faster, smarter innovation cycles.

The first PM power-tool is your Superfan Funnel — a process for finding and leveraging a small handful of passionate, high-need early customers. It turns out that WHO you test your ideas on matters. A lot. Once you’ve identified the right Super Fans, everything gets easier — and you get better test results.

We know from positive psychology that “flow” comes from tackling increasing challenges over time. If you want to drive deep engagement, upgrade your customers (not your product) and create an experience that gets better over time — and makes your customers more skillful.

The foundation of any strong skill-building system is a Learning Loop — a feedback system that draws your customer back. Once you see your Day 21 product experience in terms of learning and mastery (not behavior manipulation) you’ll unlock the secrets of sustained engagement.

Finally, the Game Thinking Roadmap brings these tools together to deliver massive results. It’s your blueprint for knowing what to test when — and wjp to test it on. If you want to emulate successful products, games and services — use these guidelines to bring your idea to life, faster and smarter.

If you’re in San Jose for the Women in Product conference Sep 19th be sure to come to my session and say hello!

Learn more about our programs at gamethinking.io

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