Adventures in CGM

Earlier this year, I tried out the Levels CGM product. I wanted to learn how my body responds to what I put in my mouth. And you know what?

Seeing how meals impact my glucose levels was life-changing — and permanently shifted my eating habits.

I discovered that some snacks (like my beloved KIND bars) keep my glucose levels stable. While others (like apples or grapes) lead to a sharp spike, followed by a crash.

And once I saw the impact of our weekly Pizza Night on my glucose levels… yikes! So I tried eating 1 piece of pizza, along with a hearty salad — that worked better. Then I tried taking the dog for a walk after dinner… and saw my glucose levels flatten even further.

Personal experiments FTW.

We all want to live healthier lives — and increasingly, that means getting access to data that helps us track and improve our health.

But data alone isn’t enough to motivate change. The secret to long-term health improvement is to build a wellness journey on top of the data — and tell users the unfolding story of how they’re getting better over time.

In my recent conversation with Levels co-founder Casey Means, she shared 5 tips for creating a wellness journey around CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) — the revolutionary health technology for tracking blood sugar levels.

If you’re interested in habit-building and long-term behavior change — this short video is for you. Happy Viewing!




Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

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Amy Jo Kim

Amy Jo Kim

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

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