Bad startup advice you should ignore (and what to do instead)

MYTH #1: Focus on TAM (Total Addressable Market)

MYTH #2: Get out of the building

MYTH #3: Polish your onboarding early

MYTH #4: Build fast & launch to learn

MYTH #5: Drive engagement with external rewards

Summary & Next Steps

  1. Don’t focus on TAM when you’re first testing your idea — instead, find and delight your early hot-core market FIRST
  2. Don’t get out of the building and talk to customers without carefully selecting and calibrating who you’re talking to
  3. Don’t polish your onboarding early if you haven’t created a compelling reason to return
  4. Don’t build fast & launch to learn without first validating your ideas with people in your early market — otherwise you’re wasting money & time
  5. Don’t drive engagement with external rewards if your customer journey is weak or non-existent — that’ll distract you from fixing the real problem

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