Breakfast with Steve Vassallo: re-thinking design thinking

Recently, I had a wonderful breakfast with Steve Vassallo — a design-focused VC & partner at Foundation Capitol.

I’m a huge fan of Steve’s new book, The Way of Design — especially his perspective on systems thinking. This is pulling a thread that’s running through UX and product management circles these days. And of course, systems building is an integral part of game design — and Game Thinking.

At our recent Game Thinking Live workshop, we explored how game designers, Lean UX experts and submarine designers use systems thinking in their work. Check it out here.

One of my favorite chapters in Steve’s book is called Re-thinking Design Thinking — and I’m fully on board with this approach. Steve and I swapped stories about the limits of the 1-week design sprint — the current “silver bullet” of design agencies and hopeful startup teams. Our conversation echoed the themes we riffed on in our Game Thinking Live session, Rethinking Design Thinking. As we say in our family, GMTA (great minds think alike)

If you’re into design, Steve’s book is a must-read. Download it here

UPDATE: here’s our Getting2Alpha interview with Steve —to learn about the past, present & future of Design Thinking, CLICK HERE

Check out the podcast episode here:

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur