Lemons to Lemonade: Creating a Flipped Workshop

Last Fall, I started planning a 2-day workshop in San Francisco. My vision was to bring together my diverse and international clients and students to meet each other and learn from the world-class Mentors who participate in my online coaching programs.

Then Trump got elected and the travel ban happened.

Suddenly, my star clients — the ones I’d invited to be onstage as success stories — couldn’t come. And many other people who wanted to participate felt unsure about what they’d encounter at the US borders.

So I decided to take on the challenge of delivering a truly global workshop for the Game Thinking community. Happily, this challenge leverages the skills I’ve built delivering high-impact coaching & training to hundreds of entrepreneurs worldwide. Here’s how our Global Game Thinking Live workshop is setup.

Two Intensive Days of Learning & Doing — with online support before & after

This 2-day workshop is packaged with a pre-event prep course & post-event support & coaching. That’s how real transformation happens.

The workshop experience runs 9–5 on March 31 & April 1 — in 3 time zones. The Mothership Connection AKA the onsite live event is at the beautiful Marriott Bayside in San Francisco. For remote participants, we’re hosting Webinar rooms for Asia, USA & Europe time zones that are staffed with trained Game Thinking coaches who answer questions, stimulate discussion and provide project feedback.

Day 1: Learning the ropes

On Day 1, the USA Webinar room will broadcast live from California, with coach-led discussions between talks. Because Asia & Europe are ahead of California, your Day 1 online programming features pre-recorded expert talks & interviews with coach-led discussions, punctuated with a live Case Study with local entrepreneurs.

At the end of Day 1, every attendee will have online access to ALL the talks — to watch and re-watch at your convenience. The beauty of this is that — even if you’re attending live and miss a talk — no worries, it’s easy to catch up.

Day 2: Applying the tools

On Day 2, you work on your project with help from your assigned coach and expert feedback during Office Hours. This will happen live in a ballroom for our San Francisco attendees — and online within the Webinar room & shared Slack channel for everyone who’s remote.

Day 2 ends with a “pitch-fest” where you can describe you project and work-in-progress, and get feedback & advice from both experts and peers.

Expert Coaching & Community Support

We have 20 amazing experts sharing their wisdom & offering feedback to ALL attendees. How do we do it? Some will speak live onstage in California. Some will speak live in the Asia & India Webinar rooms. And some will have just-recorded their talks, so the folks in Asia & Europe will actually get to hear those first.

The best part? ALL experts will offer live office hours during and after the event, so that attendees worldwide gets a chance to connect & get feedback.

Afterwards, we provide a month of followup online coaching to all attendees in our Game Thinking Academy, including Office Hours with many of the experts at the event. This unites the global community in one place, and provides ongoing value and motivation beyond the 2-day workshop.

Join us for Game Thinking Live

Game Thinking Live is truly a “flipped workshop” — mixing just-recorded and live talks with hands-on distributed coaching so that everyone makes real progress on their project. Are you intrigued? Excited? Ready to super-charge your product/market fit?

Join us for this high-learning, high-impact event — signup today!

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io