• Ines Skotnicka

    Ines Skotnicka

    R&D, #Innovation Management, #CompetitiveIntelligence &WikiEnterprise expert. #OpenInnovation PhD. researcher. Keen on Medieval History http://t.co/xPFhvKnT

  • Aníbal Rossi

    Aníbal Rossi

    Docente e investigador Multiversitario. El análisis y rediseño de interfaces educativas es, hoy, mi horizonte de trabajo.

  • Yahia Antar

    Yahia Antar

    Hi, i am Flutter Mobile Application Developer, would love to share my knowledge here, and get to meet new people hopefully work with some of them 🤞.

  • Anupam Singhal

    Anupam Singhal

    Director of Engineering at Cisco Webex Intelligence

  • David Bernal Manero

    David Bernal Manero

    Team Leader and Project Director. SharePoint lover and hater since 2001, always looking for new solutions and applying them to get business value.

  • Tony McSwain

    Tony McSwain

  • Kathleen Ries-Jubenville

    Kathleen Ries-Jubenville

    Follow me for small business leadership, management, marketing & growth strategies! Free resources here: https://linktr.ee/thefearlessclimb #growapairofantlers

  • Justin Kownacki

    Justin Kownacki

    I teach people how to tell better stories. http://justinkownacki.com @justinkownacki

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