Gamesbeat roundtable on games, science fiction, & interactive narrative

Earlier this week, I attended the Gamesbeat conference at the beautiful Claremont hotel Berkeley, CA — and listened to fascinating conversations about the impact of science fiction on new technologies and interfaces.

On the second day, I hosted a roundtable discussion along with Sebastian Alvarado (cofounder of Thwacke), Eliot Peper (science fiction writer) and Austin Grossman (science fiction writer).

An amazing group of high-caliber people showed up, and we talked for over an hour about interactive fiction, the thin line between between fantasy and science fiction. It was so much fun! I felt honored to be part of the conversation, and I learned a LOT.

During our roundtable, many folks shared references to cutting-edge games & apps that are pushing the boundaries of interactive narrative. Here are my notes on the games, apps & resources we shared during the session.

If you were there — please add your notes, highlights & comments.

Gaming meets interactive narrative

Duskers — PC game, rogue-like

Space Station 13 — PC game

Dwarf Fortress — text-based game

Sleep is Death — collaborative storytelling game

Her Story — narrative game, easy to play

Seven Grand Steps — board game mechanics meets storytelling

Night in the Woods (adventure game)

Interactive fiction — blogs & platforms

Hooked — platform for fiction

Homestuck — blog/tumbler

Bound — platform for prose fiction

Episodes — mobile platform, readers become writers

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur