How do UX experts find hot-core early customers?

At Game Thinking Live — our annual design conference this past Spring — we experimented with a no-slides talk show format. I was onstage most of the day playing host — and I brought up collections of brilliant experts to explore the key foundational ideas of Game Thinking.

This experiment was nerve-racking, and a bit risky — but ultimately it was a smashing success. People were riveted by the conversations and unexpected interactions — and many came up and told me that they felt inspired and empowered apply the ideas to their own projects.

I had SUCH a blast running this event. It was an honor getting to hear my mentors, colleagues and friends — people I admire deeply — bouncing ideas off each other and sharing stories about the rocky road to creating successful innovation. I probably learned more than anyone else in the room.

One session in particular brought the house down — a group of UX experts riffing off each other and telling front-line tales from the product design trenches. Here’s a video of that session, called Rethinking Design Thinking.

THAT was so much fun that we’re bringing the party online! This coming Wednesday, I’m launching the Game Thinking Talk Show — a monthly conversation featuring top experts in gaming, UX and product leadership.

Our 1st session — 07/26 10 AM — features the lovable crew of design renegades featured above: Erika Hall, Cindy Alvarez, and Laura Klein. We’ll be digging deeper and sharing best practices and actionable tips to help you find the right early testers for your hot idea.

CLICK HERE to join us for the Game Thinking Talk Show with Erika, Cindy & Laura



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