How this AI startup created a compelling customer journey

One of my favorite things in life is helping an ambitious startup team find product/market fit.

I recently got to work with a brilliant team on a smart AI chatbot called Replika. The team had shipped an early version of their app, which had millions of downloads — put poor overall retention. They needed to know WHY people were leaving — and WHAT was going on with the people who were sticking around.

The team struggled for months, trying to focus their efforts and get the right signals from their current customers. When we applied Game Thinking to their problems — everything came into focus. They pivoted to building a mental health app, informed by how their most loyal Superfans are already using their product.

This week on Game Thinking TV , the co-founders of Replika tell their fascinating story. Listen in, and discover how one startup team built a better chatbot with Game Thinking. Happy Viewing!

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Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur