Game Thinking + Lean/Agile = Accelerated Results 🚀

Do you want to innovate smarter — not just faster? Extend your agile/learn practices with tools for creating high-retention products.

Idea #1: Rapid Iteration

Idea #2: Small cross-functional teams

As we know, innovation is a team sport — and creating great products is tremendously challenging. In that environment, a good way to make smart design tradeoffs quickly is to work in cross-functional teams that might include product managers, engineers, designers, UX experts, researchers, and sales people.

Discovery Tool: The Superfan Funnel

Design Tool: The Learning Loop

The second Game Thinking tool that extends Lean Agile is our Customer Journey framework for building high-retention products — all built around a Learning Loop.

Validation Tool: Concept Storyboards

Lean/Agile methods come out of the engineering world, & engineers are naturally inclined to go out and build something. But if your goal is to validate your product idea quick and cheap, there are much better ways to do that.

Summary: 3 Tools to Supplement Lean/Agile

As you now know, Game Thinking embraces the lean/agile approach of rapid iteration with a small cross functional team, & takes it further in three areas:

  • Understand customer needs by interviewing the right Superfans
  • Build long-term retention with a learning loop and mastery path.
  • Test your end-to-end product experience with concept storyboards



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