How to create your next breakout hit

This year, hundreds of new products, games and services will launch — but only a handful will find mainstream success. What do these breakthrough product creators see that we’re missing?

After working with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide, I’ve learned that there are 3 common blind spots that trip up most innovators — often without them ever knowing it. The most successful innovators — the ones who reach mainstream success — always find a way to navigate around these blind spots. It’s part of their secret sauce.

Wanna know EXACTLY how to recognize and avoid these blind spots, and dramatically increase your odds of success? I’ve got you covered. Join us for one of these FREE talks I’m doing this week. Two are local here in Silicon Valley, and one is online and available to anyone worldwide. Just click the title of the talk below to signup for FREE. Such a deal :-)

March 23 9 AM — online webinar in Zoom
‘Create your next breakout hit: discover the 3 blind spots the prevent product owners from building the right MVP, driving deep engagement, and finding product/market fit

March 24 7 PM — Hacker Dojo, 3350 Thomas Road, Santa Clara, CA
‘Drive user engagement like Slack, Kickstarter & Rock Band’

March 25 1 PM — Product Camp, 500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA
‘4 Customer Discovery Hacks That 10X Your Product/Market Fit’

Learn how massive hits like Slack, Snapchat, Rock Band and Kickstarter avoided common (and costly) blind spots and engaged their customers on a compelling path to mastery. These products lack most of the outer trappings of a game; instead, they pull you along by unfolding new opportunities as your skills grow stronger.

This week, I’ll pull back the curtain and reveal how the teams behind these massive hits pulled it off — and how YOU can too. Join us and learn to harness the power of Game Thinking to create your next breakout hit.

I hope to see you later this week — either online or in person. Here’s to your success.

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