Journey vs Mechanics: unlock the secrets of engagement

Have you ever noticed that the most engaging & successful digital products of our time — Slack, Instagram, Zoom, Kickstarter, Netflix — aren’t cluttered up with badges and leaderboards?

Instead, they deliver an experience that meets a need and gets better over time as you go deeper into the product.

If you want to build lasting engagement — don’t start with mechanics. That won’t make your product successful. Instead, a better approach is to create a compelling customer experience that gets better the more you use it.

So… how do you DO that? Simple: join our Summer Innovation Bootcamp

In this 4-week online Crash Course, you’ll learn how to design a compelling Customer Experience with Game Thinking — the 5-step system for innovating smarter and building engagement from the ground up.

This system is used by companies like Tesla, Disney, Google, Netflix, and Shiseido to innovate smarter — and you can use it too.


This is an fantastic opportunity to level-up your innovation practice and set your project up for success.

If you’re an ambitious product leader who wants to get stronger skills & meaningful results this summer — this is for you.

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