Leadership in a time of chaos & pain

We find ourselves in a painful, challenging time. Whether you’re outside the USA — or in the middle of this unfolding drama — it’s horrifying to watch our citizens brutalized, our cities burning, and our president throwing gasoline on the flames, amplified by the most powerful social network on the planet.

We need effective leadership, now more than ever.

In my Product Leaders coaching group, we’ve been talking about how to step up and lead when you’re exhausted, uncertain & emotionally triggered.

There’s no easy answer. Many of us try, & fail — myself included.

And then we get back up & keep trying.

In our high-trust coaching group, we shared stories of looking inward, breathing through the pain, acknowledging our imperfections… and then stepping up to offer hope, validation, and guidance to those around us.

That’s leadership in action.

Many of us are feeling shaken, enraged, and unsure about what’s going to happen next. All around me, I’m seeing people stepping up, reaching out through their pain, and supporting their communities. And that inspires me to step up, breathe through my pain, & do what I can for our wonderful community.

We’ve created a couple of opportunities this week to come together, enhance collaboration skills, and help you feel more hopeful and connected

#MasteryPath Teardown Training: Wed June 3

featuring end-to-end analysis of the hit mental health app Calm

Recently, I completed a wildly successful project with a fast-growing #fintech startup. To accomplish this, we leveraged Mastery Path Teardowns — a tool for analyzing the end-to-end experience delivered by your competitors.

This power-tool gave our product team “design guardrails” that helped us avoid common mistakes, emulate customer-friendly patterns, and get an extraordinary project outcome.

I want to share some of that magic with you. Join me Wed June 3 @ 10AM PST to discover how to save time, empower your team & supercharge your business with Mastery Path Teardowns.

Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll learn.

Ready to level-up your product smarts & super-charge your team?
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#BlackLivesMatter Community Forum: Fri June 5

featuring special guest Reverend Sandie Richards

This Friday I’m doing a collab with my friend Reverend Sandie Richards — a longtime social activist and inter-denominational leader in the Los Angeles area. We’re gonna talk openly about what’s going on in our world — how we’re handling it — and what we can learn from history, and from each other.

If you’d like a place to make sense of what’s happening, share how you’re feeling, and learn some history — grab your favorite beverage and come hangout with us.

>> CLICK HERE to join our #BlackLivesMatter Community Forum

I hope you’ll join us for one or both of these community events. Until then — stay safe, stay sane, & don’t be afraid to show up for what you believe in.

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