Need a mood lift? Enjoy this funky, soulful disco delight from #BTS

This week, the Kpop band BTS released Dynamite, a joyful mix of disco-flavored funk with their signature smooth vocals and KILLER dance moves.

Dynamite broke Youtube records and delighted fans worldwide. This morning, one of my students asked me “So what’s the deal with BTS? They keep showing up in my Recommended…”

There is SO MUCH to say about this immensely talented group. For now, I’ll let their music speak for itself. Have a listen to Dynamite — the song that broke the Youtube record for most likes in 24 hours.

They also released a “B-side” video remix which features behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers that delight the fans — and YES that include ME — I stan BTS, as if you couldn’t tell

And tonight, they performed Dynamite LIVE at the MTV VMAs — dancing in front of green screens from Seoul, South Korea. They KILLED it.

Are you liking this music? Here’s one more joyful, upbeat song for you from the biggest pop band on earth. Hey — we could all use more joy in our lives these days.💜💜💜

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