Have you formed any new habits that relieve pandemic-era stress?

We’ve all had to develop and tweak our coping strategies this past year. Not surprisingly, apps that help us de-stress have surged in popularity.

During the pandemic, the meditation app Calm won over millions (including me) with its simple design, soothing celebrity voices, and super-pleasurable daily meditation habit.

If you want to build retention with a less-is-more UX strategy & smart habit-stacking — this app is worth a deeper look.

On Tuesday Feb 9 @ 9am PST, game and puzzle designer Scott Kim will take you on a deep dive into the radical simplicity of Calm’s design — and the habit-building power of a smart content strategy.

There’ll be plenty of time for Q&A — so bring your stories about the tools & practices that’ve helped you cope with pandemic-era stress.

Learn more & RSVP here

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