Seeking fitness enthusiasts who want a better home weight-training workout

One of my clients is doing some breakthrough work in home-based strength training. We’re recruiting fitness enthusiasts in the Bay Area to participate in paid play-tests. If you fit the profile below, take our survey to apply for the study. If selected, you’ll get to experience & comment on cutting-edge strength-training technology — and apply to participate in our followup pilot project.

Is strength-training part of your exercise routine? Have you ever wished that strength-training could be more convenient and engaging? Are you looking for a personalized effective whole-body workout you can do at home — without needing to hire a trainer?

We’re running paid research studies on an innovative new strength-training product. Participants will get $100 for a 90-min session, which takes place at our San Francisco office. We’re looking for busy professionals (25+ years old) who live in the SF Bay Area, CA and:

  • strength-train at least 2X per week
  • want to get a great strength-training workout at home
  • are frustrated with current options and looking for something better

If this sounds like you, CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR SURVEY

Please submit your answers by Tuesday June 15th to be considered for our first round of paid research. We look forward to hearing from you!

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

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