The power of Game Thinking Certification (in their own words…)

Game Thinking is a proven, step-by-step system for innovating smarter & building engagement from the ground up. Around the world, product leaders and game designers use this system to get better innovation outcomes and build breakthrough hits.

Coaches, consultants and trainers have discovered that this integrated framework helps them tackle tough problems and create great client outcomes.

In our Game Thinking Certification program, we train coaches, product leaders and game designers to use the Game Thinking toolkit in their own work — and get amazing outcomes for their clients & teams.

So… what exactly do certified coaches get from their training experience? Here are their stories — in their own words.

Boost long-term engagement

A few years back, I travelled to Singapore for a Game Thinking workshop and met Jaxton Cheah — a smart, ambitious consultant using gamification to drive employee engagement.

Jaxton loved the Game Thinking framework, and dove into learning the ropes and applying the ideas. Since then, he’s become a Certified Game Thinking Coach and now runs Game Thinking events and workshops throughout Southeast Asia.

Check out how the Game Thinking approach improved Jaxton’s client outcomes — and helped him deliver the sustained engagement he’d been looking for.

Talk to the right early customers

While on a speaking tour in India, I met the delightful Ambikesh Prasad — a gamification consultant based in Mumbai.

Ambikesh was frustrated with his current toolkit, and was looking for better way to innovate and engage customers. He tried out Game Thinking on several projects — and was hooked by the results he generated for his startup clients. So he took the plunge, and became a Game Thinking Certified Coach.

For Ambikesh, discovering how to talk to the right early customers and gain design insights was a game-changer. Check out what he learned, & how that shifted his project outcomes.

Give your team a clear process

Nadia Benedetti is a corporate trainer and innovation specialist based in Paris, France. Nadia uses Lego Serious Play to drive collaboration & innovation for corporate teams. She was getting good results — but hitting the limits of what that framework could accomplish.

Last year, she became a Certified Game Thinking coach and discovered a comfortable, effective system that made her job easier. Check out which aspects of Game Thinking made the difference for Nadia.

Want these outcomes for YOUR project and teams?

Applications close TODAY Friday May 1 2020 for Game Thinking Certification. I’d love to level-up your design skills & support your success.


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