The transformational power of Game Thinking

I LOVE my clients. I find it incredibly satisfying to empower smart people to level-up their innovation skills and bring their ideas to life.

Most of my daily work involves helping cross-functional product teams apply Game Thinking to 10X their innovation speed and build deep engagement.

I also work with individuals to level-up their game and bring innovative ideas to life. And this week, I’m celebrating some of my amazing clients — people who’ve had a transformative experience using Game Thinking.

Joanne Doughty is a lawyer-turned-advertising executive with a burning desire to help women going through difficult divorce and custody cases.

Joanne had been developing an idea for an online service for over a year — and she wasn’t sure how to move forward. A structured thinker, Joanne was looking for a proven method to follow — and found Game Thinking.

With our coaching & training, Joanne validated her idea with EXACTLY the right people, and figured out how to create a low-cost, high-learning MVP — all in a few short weeks. Here’s her inspiring Game Thinking journey.

Joanne is part of — our monthly hands-on coaching program for entrepreneurs want to innovate faster and smarter — open to Alumni of our Game Thinking workshops & courses.

In our Game Thinking Certification program, we train coaches, educators and business owners to super-charge their work with Game Thinking.

We’re building a talented & international community, filled with AMAZING people like Rob Alvarez of the IE Business School — an educator, podcaster & entrepreneur who used Game Thinking to redesign his workshops & courses.

And Ambikesh Prasad — a business consultant from Mumbai, India who applied Game Thinking to his client work and saw extraordinary results.

What could Game Thinking do for YOUR business? What outcomes will you achieve with the coaching, support & expert feedback we offer?

If you’re a coach, consultant, educator, designer or business owner — right now is a GREAT time right now to level-up your skills and get MASSIVE results for your clients. But you need to act FAST.

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Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur