Weaponizing Gender

How #BelieveAllWomen got hacked by a griefer

Lesson 1. DV survivors can spot gas-lighting a mile away

On Twitter, I noticed that DV survivors — both male & female — were quick to rally around Depp.

Lesson 2. A shameless griefer co-opted #MeToo

When the allegations against Depp first came out, my knee-jerk reaction was to believe Heard. #MeToo was in full swing & it felt like part of a much-needed house-cleaning in the entertainment industry.

Lesson 3. Psych Tests are easily abused & mis-used

During the trial, Heard relied on Dr. Dawn Hughes, an expert witness with impressive credentials, to backup her claims of suffering PTSD due to IPV — intimate partner violence.

Lesson 4. Data & evidence can change your mental model

Dr. Curry used well-established protocols in her testing work — and it shows.

Lesson 5. “Believe All Women” got weaponized… & it sucks

The pendulum of public opinion swings back-n-forth — & right now, in mid-2022, there are many forces pushing back on women’s progress.

Lesson 6. Think you’ve nailed motivation? Show me the data

As I listened to the evidence & testimony in the Depp/Heard trial, I had an epiphany about motivation that challenged my assumptions.



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