Welcome to my backyard

I’ve been experimenting with online programs, courses & events for several years. My business is 70% international — and I’ve found that connecting online is the best way to work with people all over the world.

This Friday I’m doing an experiment in online education — a 10-hour livestream that’s all about showing you how Game Thinking can work for you. We’ll have Q&A sessions for people in every time zone — plus VIP interviews, brand-new case studies, and best-of videos from our Game Thinking Vault.

Why 10 hours? Because Game Thinking enthusiasts are all around the world, and we want to connect with you, deepen your knowledge, and answer all your questions.

In this interactive livestream you will learn how to:

  • run smarter product experiments
  • build deeply compelling products from the ground up
  • construct a progression path that connects to your customers’ goals
  • design engaged triggers — the most powerful re-engagement mechanic
  • apply systems thinking to your product design

Watch the trailer — then signup to join the party. See you online!


Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io

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