Will Wright’s Masterclass is Game Design Gold

Last summer, I spent three long days in a sound stage in Pleasanton, California working with a crack team from Masterclass.com to film Will Wright’s Masterclass.

This was a BIG production — at least 70 people were on set, with many more working behind the scenes. It was an honor to be part of the team, bringing this amazing project to life — the first in their hot new Gaming category.

I learned so much from this gig. For example — on every Masterclass set, there’s an (uncredited) person who interviews the celebrity instructor, working through a set of questions created beforehand as a backbone for the interview.

On this particular set — that was me: Amy Jo Kim. celebrity interviewer. It was BIG FUN (as you can see from my smile in the photo above).

They hired me because I’d worked with Will on The Sims and SimCity, We have a strong connection and easy rapport that helped me steer our conversation and know how to dig deeper on key issues.

My job was to cover everything in the script AND ask good followup questions to keep things moving and connect the dots. That was incredibly challenging — and equally rewarding. I LOVE to interview brilliant people — as you already know if you watch Game Thinking TV 📺

So, I just binge-watched the whole course. MIND. BLOWN.

Check out the trailer below .This is game design gold. 🎮🔥🚀

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io

Game designer, startup coach, author, entrepreneur gamethinking.io